Student Welfare and Support

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 Student Welfare and Support

Your personal welfare and mental health is of upmost importance in DBS. We are here to listen, and help you get the right supports that you need.   

Please call into the Welfare Team in the Student Services Hub on the 4th Floor in Castle House or e-mail Student Services- We promise to support you in an impartial and confidential manner, along with information regarding counselling options and free support services. 

Where to get welfare information?

Information leaflets on a range of welfare supports can be found outside the Student Services office on the 4th floor of Castle House and outside the Careers Hub in Aungier St.

Student Welfare is located in the Student Services Hub on the 4th Floor in Castle House.

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Useful Contacts:

Medical Assistance:

If you require medical assistance during your time in DBS, the Aungier St Medical Clinic offers a discount to students carrying a valid Student card. If you require any further information regarding medical needs we would be happy to point you in the right direction, please contact Student Services.