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Proctoring Platform Video
Important Exams Information for January 2024
Academic Integrity in Online Exams
Extra Tips for using the Platform
Exams Instructions to Students
Exams Notice to Students 23/24
Academic Impropriety in Online Open Book Exams
Online Forms for Students who Cannot Sit an Exam 

Proctoring Platform Introduction & Guidance Video

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Important Exams Information for Summer 2024

Exam Upload Time

For the Summer 2024 exam session there will be no additional time for uploading answer files. The exam time for all exams will be as it is published on the exams time table. The exam timer, visible in the top right of the exam platform window, will show you the exact amount of time that you have remining to complete your exam. When the timer reaches 00:00 your exam will end.  

Students are strongly advised to write their answers in the answer field on the invigilation platform. All work entered into the platform will be saved automatically and can be recovered if you become disconnected, or experience technical issues. Work entered on the platform will be automatically submitted at the end of the exam time. 

Students who intend to upload answer files are advised to upload answer files during the exam as they complete each question. Files that have not been submitted by the end the exam time will not be accepted. 

Students who intend to submit any part of their answers by uploading files must be aware of the following file limitations:

  • The maximum individual file size that can be uploaded is 30MB 

  • The maximum number of files that can be uploaded for each question is FIVE

  • Files will need to be uploaded to the platform individually (there is no bulk upload availability) 

Students who choose to handwrite their answers must consider the amount of time that will be required to photograph/scan their answers, send and retrieve the file, and submit the file to the platform. They must also consider the file size and the number of files that they may need to submit. Photographs and large files may take an unexpectedly long time to be sent and received by email.  You will not receive extra time to complete the submission of your files. Not receiving a file within the authorised time will not be accepted as a mitigating circumstance for failing to submit your answers.

Students who choose to handwrite all or part of their answers may use their mobile phone during the exam to photograph and email the file to themselves to upload to the platform only. Mobile phones must not be used at any other time or for any other purpose. 

Files must be sent by email. Messenger App (Whatsapp, Telegram, etc) must not be used for the transfer of answer files. 

You may only use your own mobile phone and email account for uploading files.  Using anyone elses device or email account will be investigated for impropriety.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they can upload their answer files and that they allow themselves enough time to complete the upload of all of their answer files. 

Do not finish your test until you have completed all questions to your satisfaction and uploaded any files correctly. You will not be allowed to resume your test or make any changes to your submission (including where the wrong files have been uploaded) after you have finished your test. 

Files that have not been submitted by the end of the exam time will not be accepted.

Technical issues during an online exam

The vast majority of students do not experience any technical difficulties during their online exams. If you do have a technical issue you must report it to the exam team immediately using the Live Chat function on your Moodle page.

The exams team will attempt to assist you with your issues. Please be aware that support may not be possible if the issues originate outside of the College’s own systems. 

The exams team may not be able to resolve issues that occur outside of the college's systems, e.g. hardware or software issues on a student's personal laptop, or supply outages caused by the student's internet or power providers).

If the issue can not be resolved or if you experience multiple recurring technical issues you will not be able to complete your exam. It is therefore essential that you take all reasonable actions and precautions to avoid potential issues during your exam. These include but are not limited to:

  • Having all the necessary equipment to sit an online exam (laptop, webcam, etc).

  • Ensuring that you are using reliable equipment.

  • Ensuring that you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed and that you use this browser to access your exam.

  • Ensuring that any software updates have been installed before your exam.

  • Completing the platform compatibility test on your Moodle page at least two weeks before your exam date and resolving any problems found.

  • Ensuring that you have a strong, stable, and sufficiently fast internet connection.

  • Ensuring that you have a mains power lead for your device and access to a mains power supply.  

  • Ensuring that any files you need to upload comply with the size limitation of the invigilation platform. 

Files not uploaded due to being too large, due to poor connectivity/transfer speeds, or due to students not allowing themselves enough time to complete the upload will not be accepted.

Being Disconnected from the Invigilation Platform

To maintain the integrity of the exam students must remain under invigilation for the duration of their exam time. 

If you are disconnected from the Invigilation platform for any reason during your exam you must inform the Exams team within 10 minutes of being disconnected. The exams team will attempt to reconnect you to your exam.

If you have not reported that you have been disconnected within 10 minutes you may not be permitted to resume your exam. (The exams team can verify the time a student disconnects from the invigilation platform).

Any work entered or uploaded to the platform before you were disconnected will be submitted for marking. Any files not uploaded will not be accepted.

Academic Impropriety in Online Open Book Exams

Students must adhere to the exam regulations and the College's policy on Academic Integrity, available in the Quality Assurance Handbook

Copies of the Summary Exams Instructions to Students Summer 2024 and the Exams Notice to Students summer 2024 can be found below. Here you will find detailed information on the exam regulations and requirements. Copies are also available on the Online Exams page of the Exams Office webpage

Breaches of exam regulations and the college's Academic Integrity policy will be referred to the Academic Integrity Committee for investigation and may result in your submission being deemed inadmissible. Where impropriety is confirmed you will be required to repeat the exam. 

Please refer to the Colleges Quality Assurance Handbook (QAH 3.3 Pg.17) for more information on the Colleges Academic Integrity policy. 

Additional information on Exam regulations can be found in the Summary Exam Notice to Students Summer 2024 and the Exam Instructions to Students Summer 2024 documents available below.


Extra Tips for using the Platform

You should also review our Online Invigilation FAQs in advance of your exam for more tips on successfully using the invigilation platform. 

Exams Instructions to Students

Detailed instructions to students regarding exam regulations and Academic Impropriety can be found in the Exams Instructions to Students 22-23 document below.  

Exams Notice to Students Summer 24

A summary of the Exams Instructions to Students is provided below. Please refer to the Exams Instructions to Students (available in the link above) form more details on the exam regulations and instructions. 

Summer 2024 Summary Exams Notice to Students (297 x 420 mm)

Academic Impropriety in Online Open Book Exams


Online Forms for Students who Cannot Sit an Exam 


Personal Mitigating Circumstances Form (Ticketing System)
If circumstances have impacted a student's ability to undertake an assessment (such as an exam or an in-class test), requiring them to defer the opportunity, a PMC form must be submitted with supporting documentation to request this. Deferrals cannot be processed without this documentation, and are still subject to approval before these can be processed.

PMC forms must be submitted by no later than 7 days following the original assessment opportunity.
Deferred sittings will be hosted at the next available sitting of an exam - additional exams will not be hosted outside of their scheduled sittings for learners who were unable to sit the main scheduled sittings.