Academic Operations

Thank you for choosing to study with DBS. We hope you will have a happy and rewarding experience with us. Here in DBS, we endeavour to maintain strong communication channels to keep you informed on all aspects of your studies. 

On this page you will find all relevant information for your enrollment in DBS with online forms to ensure your requests are dealt with in a timely manner.

This department supports the entire student cycle including registration for new students, re-enrollment for continuing students, graduation as well as communicating with the student populace on assessment results, college regulations, timetable updates and more. 

Information for  Current Students

The Online Service Desk caters for requests and issues spanning IT, Moodle, Timetables and more. This is the fastest and most efficient way to resolve your query. Any letters/transcript requests can be downloaded automatically through the self service facility on your student dashboard. This includes the Personal Mitigating Circumstances form. 

The Learner Conduct policy provides information on the expected behaviour and responsibilities of registered students. Our full regulations are listed in our Quality Assurance Handbook, located here.

If you cannot sit an exam or submit an assignment, it is imperative that you provide notice of this to your Programme Coordinator. You will be required to submit the relevant Personal Mitigating Circumstances form through the Online Service Desk or Assignment Extension Request form also by Online Service Desk, along with supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate). 

It is important that you check the Academic Calendar for the holiday periods, exam sessions and readings weeks. Holidays should never be booked during exam periods. This is not accepted grounds for deferring an exam or assessment.