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Tips for online exam

by Adam Crowther | Dec 06, 2021


Are you preparing for our online exams? Make sure you check out these online exam tips from the Exams Office at DBS:


- Submit on time! Remember the 30 minutes at the end of the exam is for uploading your answers, not for continuing your work. Late submissions will not be accepted.


- Familiarise yourself with the Moodle page. Try using the ‘practice upload’ link prior to the exam.


- What does open book mean? You can access and use your references, sources and notes during your exam to assist in your answers.


- Reference all sources. It’s important that you cite all sources and include references in your exam.


- Can’t see your exam link? Try refreshing the Moodle page at the exam start time.


- Having problems? Contact DBS exams before the end of the exam submission time. Let us know via Live Chat on the bottom of your screen or by calling us at 01 417 7573.


- Avoid Academic Impropriety (AI), accidental or otherwise. You must not communicate with others during your exam. Remember: all work must be your own, written during the allotted time and cited appropriately.