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Application for 1G Visa

by Adam Crowther | Feb 17, 2023

Results have been released for a number of MBA and MSc programmes this week. In order to apply for the 1G Visa you must request a Graduate Scheme Visa Letter through the DBS student service desk


Please allow three working days to receive your DBS Graduate Scheme Visa Letter.

Ireland's Stay-back Visa – Stamp 1G:

Ireland's “stay-back visa” for international students refers to the Third Level Graduate Programme. This programme allows legally resident non-EEA students who hold a level 8 or level 9 award from a recognised Irish awarding body to stay in Ireland after their studies for a period of time and work full time without further authorisation.


You cannot apply for 1G letter until you have received your official transcript confirming you have successfully completed your programme from DBS. 


Full details on the 1G scheme are here.

If you are applying for a 1G Visa you cannot request a GNIB Renewal letter.


Stamp 1G - First time applicants:

Students from outside the EU/EEA who have previously registered with Irish Immigration Service for the Stamp 2 permission must apply for their Stamp 1G through the online renewal portal.


You will be requested to pay a €300 registration fee and will need copies of the following documents when submitting your first time Stamp 1G application:

  • DBS Graduate Scheme Visa Letter - which is the statement of your final results (you can access this on the self service desk)

  • Valid passport 

  • Current Stamp 2 student immigration permission and an up-to-date immigration registration card

  • Evidence of private medical insurance (purchased in Ireland), which must have a minimum coverage of €25,000 for in-hospital treatment in an Irish hospital. (To purchase or renew click here

Please use this link to apply for your 1G visa.