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Roadmap to Summer Exams

by Hamza Razaq | Mar 10, 2023
Dear Students,
We are writing today with information regarding upcoming examinations. Exams are open book, and will be invigilated online in the upcoming exam session. They will be hosted on Mercer Mettl’s online invigilation platform, which you will be able to access via a link on your module's Moodle page at the time of the exam.
As a reminder, you will need a web-cam integrated computer to sit your exam, and will be monitored for the duration of the exam by AI invigilation software. Please note that exams on Mercer Mettl are best accessed on the Firefox browser and are not supported on mobile devices (e.g. mobile phone, smartphone, iPad/tablet).

How do I know when my exam will take place?

The Exam Timetable is expected to be published on Friday, 31st of March 2023.


Please note:

  • NEP Students will be allocated their appropriate supports online through Mercer Mettl
  • Exam times are 9.30, 13:30, 16:30 and 18.30. Full and Part Time students could potentially sit at any of these times
Please note the exam periods below. You are expected to be available for the duration of the exam period:


Undergraduate programmes

Exam period: Monday 24th April - Friday 12th May 2023


Postgraduate Business programmes (September-intake)

Exam period: Tuesday 2nd May - Thursday 18th May 2023


Postgraduate Business programmes (January-intake)

Exam period: Tuesday 2nd May - Friday 12th May 2023   


What is online invigilation?  Please watch the instructional video regarding the online invigilation platform. This video will also appear on your module's Moodle page. In this video you will learn about the software we use and what we expect from our students during an invigilated exam.
Your Moodle page will be populated with instructions regarding your exams. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read the instructions, watch the instructional video that will be on your module's Moodle page, and carry out any necessary preparation including the completion of the systems compatibility check. 

Many thanks,

Exams Team