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December 2022- Dublin Accommodation Search Advice and Update

by Adam Crowther | Aug 17, 2022


We understand that getting accommodation in Dublin is a difficult process at the moment and that students are faced with a lot of challenges in securing rooms for the term ahead. We are hopeful that the information and support available below, will give you the tools you need to get the best possible start in finding a place to stay this term.


Accommodation information:

Here we will give you all the information you need to get started on finding a place to stay in Dublin. We are aware that available rooms are limited across Dublin and we advise starting early and working through each of the options below to find a place to stay.

I am looking to stay in purpose built student accommodation.

Your estimated budget here is €270-350 per week.


You can view a complete list of available accommodation options by clicking here

Please note that there are waiting lists for a number of these providers, however some of the rooms may become available closer to the start of the term. Please contact these providers of accommodation directly.



I am searching privately for a place to stay.

Searching privately can be a difficult task at times, but with more information on how to navigate Dublin and how to utilise the online platforms available, you will be best equipped to deal with this searching process.

Average single room rent is around €650-900 per month. The closer to the city you are, the more expensive your accommodation will be

You can view some of the popular platforms to use by clicking here.



I am looking to stay with a host family.

Prices for staying with a family start at €215 per week (single room/half board), with the locations spread across the Dublin area.

There is a very limited number of available rooms, but contact them early as you can.

All Homestay enquiries and to book through DBS Homestay partners, ISA:



I am unsure what part of Dublin to stay in.

Dublin is a busy city to live and study in and DBS is conveniently located in the heart of the city centre. This makes for great ease of access no matter where you are living across the city.

You can choose where to stay by using the transport network or the area codes as a main reference. You can get more advice on how to choose where to stay in Dublin by clicking here.




Further accommodation support:

If you still need more information you can watch our 'Accommodation briefing', which is a short recording that looks to give you the tools on how best to find a place in Dublin by clicking here.


We hope that all of the above information will help you in your journey for finding a place to stay this semester. If you need further assistance on how to find a place to stay you can email [email protected] 


You can also check out the DBS Accommodation Guide for more comprehensive information on sourcing a place to stay this academic year.