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Launch of the Summer Series 2023

by Adam Crowther | Apr 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce the official launch of our much anticipated SUMMER SERIES 2023, which will be running over the next couple of weeks at DBS. There are so many exciting events and activities planned for everyone in our community to enjoy, so you have no excuses to allow this summer to pass you by!

Who are we targeting for these events?

Everyone in our community! If you have just arrived to our campus recently, we really hope that you get involved in all of the action. Why not start off with our coffee morning next week.

Also, if you are on your summer vacation and have no classes, be sure to stay involved with our college experience during the summer months. Events are aimed at everyone studying at DBS.


As mentioned above, we will have weekly FREE coffee mornings (every Wednesday 11am) for everyone to enjoy and to take a break from your studies. This is a great chance to meet the Student Experience Team, enjoy some music and nice treats! We will get you amped for all of the big trips and epic days out. Keep an eye out for our surf weekend, which is after the exams are finished, and don’t miss out on any of our hikes. 


PS: If you are coming to any of our events, please don’t forget your swimming togs ;)


See you soon.

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