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Dame Street Medical Centre

by Adam Crowther | May 12, 2023

Dear student, 

We are happy to announce that DBS has partnered with Dame Street Medical, as our chosen student medical centre should students require a doctor's appointment. As many students may require a GP whilst studying, we believe this partnership will be beneficial to students due to its close proximity to the DBS campus.

Dame Street Medical is now taking on new patients and registering is extremely easy. To register simply book an appointment to see one of their doctors. 

To book an appointment:

Call (01 6790754)  or email [email protected] 

When you arrive at the clinic for your first appointment, you will complete a short form so they can create a patient file for you. We recommend only calling in if you require an appointment - as creating a file takes a few minutes and a full appointment slot should not be used for this.  

There are two doctors at the medical center: 

Male GP is there 10am - 1:30pm Monday-Friday

Female GP is there from 12:30pm - 5:30pm Monday-Friday & 11am - 3pm Saturdays.

For students; an appointment costs €60 on weekdays and €65 on weekends. 

*for a full list of pricing please click: 

Dame Street Medical is a private practice so they don't accept medical cards or insurance cards. If needed, they can provide a receipt for Health Insurance Providers to claim back at the end of your consultation.

Specific Appointments:

Appointment Type:


To note:

  • Blood Tests

  • Swab Tests

  • STI Tests

Monday to Friday

10am - 4pm 

12 hour fasting required before blood tests

  • Smear Tests

  • Pelvic Exams

  • Female STI Test

  • Breast Check

  • Ante-natal Appointments

Monday to Friday

12.30pm - 4pm 

Appointments only available with Dr Nada

It is your responsibility to request the results 3-5 days after blood/swab tests are taken. 

If you require any medical certs/sick notes, letters, prescriptions or referrals please inform the Doctor during the consultation. 

If you have an emergency at a time when the clinic is closed please be advised to seek medical attention at your nearest A&E department.