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Did you know about all of our Support Services at DBS?

by Adam Crowther | Mar 20, 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive support to our college community, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the various support services available to all students at DBS.


1. Academic Support Services: 

 DBS Library: Our library is located at the 2nd floor in AS, and offers tonnes of great resources to our students, including workshops on academic writing, proof reading and assignment planning - visit 

Student engagement and success unit are here to support you - SESU homepage

2. Career Development Services: (located Ground floor in AS)

The Careers Hub offers extensive support on achieving your career goals at DBS. You can access a suite of workshops and advice on internships and career searches. Connect with the Careers Hub on LinkedIn for check out the Careers Hub website

3. Student Wellbeing and Counseling Services: 

DBS supports students' wellbeing and mental health by providing access to FREE counseling and discounted health services, for GP and Dental with Meath Primary Care. Students can make appointments at and (student card required when booking). Contact [email protected] for more information on Student Wellbeing & FREE Counseling Services or drop into the Student Services Hub - 4th floor in CH

4. Disability Support Services:

DBS aims to provide appropriate advice, support and information to help all our students with any disabilities. If you are a student with any medical or learning disability, you may be entitled to extra support and will need to register with the Disability and Inclusion Officer to ensure that reasonable accommodations are in place for you during exams and assessments. You can contact our Disabilities and Inclusion Officer via [email protected] 

For more information please read the news Item - HERE

5. Enjoying Student Life and Events:

The Student Experience Team and Student Union provide various student events throughout the year for students to get to know each other. For more information and how to purchase tickets, please check out our Eventbrite HERE.

For more information please see the News item - Here

Here are the links to all of our social media handles. Follow us now to stay up to date on what's going on:

INSTAGRAM - @dbsstudentexperience

TIKTOK - @dbsstudentexperience

FACEBOOK - DBS Student Experience

SPOTIFY - DBS Student Experience Podcast 

Linktree - For all our socials and MORE!

6. How to access IT Support:

  - Logging a ticket: Grad visa , GNIB extension and Embassy letters.

To request a letter you must:

  • Go to and login

  • Scroll down to the “Self-Service” and click the logo

  • Scroll down to “Login to student service desk”

  • You will find Letter Request under “Commonly Request Services” 

  • Click on the drop down tab and select the letter you require. 

  • Check your DBS email account, the letter will be sent as an attachment within 3 working days.


 - Logging a ticket: SELF-SERVICE (Bank, Employer, PPSN and General Reference Letter)

 Please follow these steps to generate your letter: 

  • Go to

  • Login in your DBS account.

  • Scroll down to Self-Service and click on the logo.

  • Click on the drop down tab and select the letter you require.

  • Check your DBS email account, the letter will be sent as an attachment.

   - Resetting your password:

If you need to reset the password please click this link here

If you are having difficulty with login please click here for instructions. 


 - Contacting IT: 

Please Log a ticket via DBS service desk - and wait for a response from the IT team.

Link for computer services HERE

These services are available to all students at DBS, and we encourage you to take advantage of them as needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the respective offices for assistance or more information.

We are committed to ensuring that all students have the support they need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally during their time at DBS.

Best regards,


Student Experience Team